Audit and review services Code of Conduct
As an independent expert on corporate finance and governance, we make the diagnosis as a neutral and fair as our Code of Conduct.
Based on Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, we offer financial statement audit, internal control audit of listed companies, educational corporation audit and other Financial Instruments. We exhange law and auditing under the Companies Act and other large companies.
English Financial※ Code of Conduct針
To support international financial reporting standards for companies looking for funding from abroad, and to contribute to the development of Principles of the company.
International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) impact analysis during deployment, contruct roadmaps, determination of accounting policies, changes in business processes, disclosure paperwork.
Restructuring※ Code of Conduct
While maintain a neutral position for debtor, creditors and all other stakeholders, our Code of Conduct is to provide professional financial solutions.
Device-based industry (business infrastructure) that specializes in corporate restructuring.
Internal control※ Code of Conduct
Considering the firm size and business, we propose an order made internal control, conduct and to contribute to the strengthening of corporate organization.
Internal control, operational assessment advice.

※Tokyo Sakura Consulting & Co. in our corporate group conducts these business affairs.

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